It gives us an immense pleasure to announce our IIoT Platform InteliPRID – an Intelligent Predictive tool which helps in making Decisions by giving answers to WHY’s of Industry.

Three M Software Solutions is 8 year old company providing Software Solutions to Manufacturing Industry with more than 500 customers. We are masters in giving IT solutions to Manufacturing industry.

With our Domain Experts we are working towards making IOT simple for Implementation with Faster ROI. We have made the implementation of our solution very simple to give quick results to our customers. We have come up with

two steps implementation

  1. Connect to Machines (Manufacturing Facility) with InteliPRID Connect
  2. Connect the data to predictive Dashboards with InteliPRID Iot Platform.

We have a team of 100 Mechanical Engineers who understand the Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing with the software development team.

We have our platform with few key applications ready to deploy on Cloud or on your server.

This solution is evolving with experience we are gathering at every new industry and customer where we are implementing .



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